Types of Therapy I Offer

I provide therapy from an "integrative" therapeutic orientation. This means that I use a variety of clinical approaches when helping you develop and reach your goals. Below, you'll find a brief description of the basic principles of each perspective or approach I draw from in my work.

  • Adlerian: Believes that individuals need to be understood in their social context; an individual's self-concept is connected to the way they perceive others have interacted with them.

  • Attachment-Based: The therapeutic relationship focuses on developing the ability to trust or rebuild trust and centers on expressing emotions.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT): Helps the client understand the connection between thoughts and feelings and how to change them.

  • Existential: Focuses on the meaning of human existence and applauds the possibilities of the human experience while also acknowledging its limitations.

  • Family Systems: Believes that individual concerns are connected to the way in which families interact.

  • Gestalt: Uses creative principles and techniques to enhance awareness, emotional expression, freedom, and a sense of self-direction.

  • Humanistic: An approach that studies the whole person and the uniqueness of each individual.

  • Narrative: People are viewed as experts in their own lives; recurring themes in life are viewed as insights into beliefs a person holds about themselves and are also viewed as being subject to change, and thus, healing.

  • Neurolinguistic: A perspective that incorporates the neurological, cognitive and behavioral components of human experience; believes that a person's perception equates to their reality, and that a person's concept of subjective reality can expanded in such a way as to increase options and choice.

  • Psychodynamic: An insight-oriented therapy that promotes an understanding of the unconscious, historical processes and conflicts that influence present behavior and manifest as symptoms.​​

  • Somatic: A holistic form of therapy that recognizes the mind-body connection and acknowledges the wisdom and insight that our body's signals hold.

  • Transpersonal: Integrates personal psychotherapy with deeper or higher human experience that transcends the ordinary.

  • Trauma-Focused: A structured, evidence-based treatment protocol aimed at helping individuals recover from traumatic experiences.


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